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Home Job openings Field Engineer RAN, Liege-Luxembourg region

Field Engineer RAN, Liege-Luxembourg region

Job location: Belgium
Sector: Telecom
Languages: Dutch English French
Start date: 1 June 2021
Daily rate: € 425
Description:   As Field Engineer within Field Service Organization your responsibility is to work on Radio Sites in Belgium for Telenet and Orange mobile networks and perform Corrective Interventions and Preventive tasks. You will be integrated in the field team South Region wherefore the work is mainly in the South-East provinces Liège & Luxembourg and sporadic in other provinces in Belgium.   The Field Engineer is responsible for conducting troubleshooting of 2G, 3G, LTE and 5G within a base station (BTS) and performing required action to restore the services of the BTS or perform preventive tasks. Knowledge of typical configuration and installation best practices across multiple OEM BTS types of ZTE and HUAWEI and Ericsson Microwave equipment. Experienced in AC/DC power and battery systems, transmission equipment (Ethernet Backhaul, fiber equipment, typical configuration and installation of wireless radio site equipment, installation and troubleshooting methodology. The ideal candidate worked previously in Belgium on Orange and/or Telenet networks.   The scope includes Aerial Interventions which require climbing activities in towers and masts.   The candidate must be flexible to work shift work including possible on call, nights and weekends as per the schedules. The candidate preferably lives in the assigned area of the workload, which is Liège and Luxembourg.   This is a role for 12 months with options to extend.     Responsibilities:  
  • Receiving, handling, analysing and solving Work Orders for Radio Sites. Visiting the radio site within the required lead-time based on the Work Order assigned, execute the work as specified in the Work Order, updating the Work Order with the required information and close to Work Order accordingly. This will require quality of work and task completion with proper close out documentation for Radio Site visits.
  • Executing the tasks assigned to you, troubleshooting the issues at the site, striving for the best solution, restoring the site within the shortest lead-time, clearing the incidents within the required due time and within SLA.
  • Work closely with NOCs, Dispatching Teams and Service Desk, resolving the Radio Site issues in an efficient manner or, if applicable, trigger the appropriate actions with other stakeholders in order to complete the tasks.
  • Depending on the experience of the engineer, the work relates to Radio Sites for Telenet or Orange networks or for both.
  • Depending on the readiness of the engineer, the engineer will be integrated in the On Call schedule based in a rota weekly schedule (Mon-Mon). During this week On Call, the engineer shall be ready to perform urgent interventions 24h and the engineer will be freed from work during the daytime.
    Knowledge areas:   - Multi Technology network equipment (RAN 2G/3G/LTE/5G ZTE and/or HUAWEI, Ericsson micro wave, IP, modems, fiber installations…). - Be able to perform works on the aerial path which requires climbing in towers and mast. - You shall have practical experience in installation or maintenance of radio site environment or civil related works. - Handy person: small civil corrective and installation works on site environment: lockers, door issues, power cabinets, alarm cabling... - You shall have a good understanding of Health and Safety at Work and First Aid; sufficient understanding regulations, policies and procedures, specifically access procedure for radio sites. - Be fluent in English in speaking and reading is a must. Understanding of Dutch or French written and oral work instructions is an asset. - Team Player, Analytical, Persuasive and user- friendly communicator. - Customer focused and Result-oriented. - Excellent organizational skills.     Other requirements:   - GOF4 certified is a must to allow climbing in towers and masts. - Elia AVIL/AVIP certified is an advantage. - Army clearance (Astrid) is an advantage. - Driving license cat B and has own car or van to drive to the sites within Belgium territory. - You shall possess own craftsman toolbox to solve issues at the spot, which include the drilling machine, etc, to be able to repair locks. - You shall have own mobile phone (Android based) and own voice and data subscription. Mobile phone shall be capable to take clear pictures to be used for uploading in the databases.     Other Info:   - Location: Belgium, main office in Brussel area. - Working Time: 40 hours per week. - WFM software Android apps will be provided by the Client. - PC with Microsoft – Excel – Outlook –Word and other advanced apps on the mobile will be provided by the Client. - Site Master will be provided by the Client.
May 18, 2021 KAM-404

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